We Help Creative People Build Businesses They Love.

We are a collective of creators who build resources, education, and community to help you build a better independent business.

What is Creator Canteen?

We are a group of creators on a mission to build the new creator economy.

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Resources & Tools

We partner with experienced creators to develop resources for you. Proceeds go back to the creators, so you can support them directly.

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Community Support

Join our Discord community and utilize topic-based channels where you can collaborate, share, learn, or just talk about your day with other creators.

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Workshops & Events

We host virtual and in-person events to engage and mentor creators on a personal level.

Why join our community?


Building a business by yourself is hard. We are here to be your virtual support group throughout all stages of growing your creative business.


Learn from creators who have walked the walk. Our community is full of experienced creators who are willing to share their knowledge with you.


Network and create connections with other creatives in our online community, workshops, and in-person events.