Amelia Nash

Graphic Designer + Brand Specialist

Helping you build a powerful, thriving brand for your business.


Amelia Nash

Empowering business owners and creatives to show up and work their brand is in my DNA. My journey with design began in 2012 when I completed a Graphic Communications certificate program. From there, I finished my Bachelor of Design with a major in Business / Marketing and now I'm furthering my education with a Masters of Branding at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

All of this has led me to my passion of building powerful brands, and empowering the business owners and creatives I work with, to show up as their best selves in a clear and communicative manner.

What's the big deal with clear and powerful branding anyhow!?

It's all about how you present yourself and communicate with your audience. Being clear on your messaging, how you engage with your audience and customers, and having cohesive visuals allows you to show up as professional and serious about your craft to the world.

My job is to help you get there so you can build a thriving business.