Built By Creators, For Creators.

Creator Canteen is a group of experienced creators who decided to get together to help you build a creative and independent business with resources, education, and community.

Our Mission

The way we work is changing. As the internet continues to grow and change, new opportunities are arising for people to express themselves and make money online. Our mission is to help you monetize your passions to create a fully independent business. 

The Why

Creator Canteen was built to solve some big problems we noticed when we started on our own independent businesses. Finding high quality tools, education, and support on how to do it all was extremely difficult. So we built this community to solve these problems at scale. 

Our Values



Our goal is to create an engaged community of creators who are dedicated to inspiring and supporting each other in their creative journeys.



Our creators are knowledgeable and have a lot in common. We want to provide a space for collaboration to happen organically with no judgement. 

A stack of books


We’re here to learn and connect with each other to improve outcomes for all creators. No expensive tuition or fancy degree required. 



We want to provide equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized.



The future of work is flexible. We’re here to support others in creating a work life that is independent and comfortable.



We believe work and education should be something that you look forward to. Positivity and fun are essential to everything we do.